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Abnormality of the atheist religion

Atheists are infamous for acting from positions of higher knowledge, realists who have spent much time dissecting Christianity in order to prop up their non-beliefs. They deem the Bible an outlandish joke perpetuated by one crazy man. They are looking from the outside in and I will attempt do the same from a faith point of view on their religion of nothing.

A common theme they present is that we were once nothing, the universe was once nothing and that we will return to nothing. Our life in 'time' is purposely distorted and made to seem as all just a fluke and we are nothing more than crazy cells that Science says popped together. It's really a simple strategy of denial, what they can't see they won't believe. What they can't understand will be proven by Science one day. Religion stands in their way. Religion is the cause of all evils. Religion is a myth to be proven wrong, They are the smarts ones, they reasoned and determined life a lie. No matter if there are 300+ million people in America, their numbers will grow from 1+% to overtake the stupid majority. Yet, they are the believers of myths, they are falsely believing themselves superior to others, their views take a leap of faith, just not a faith that involves God.

Atheists are determined to know the Universes beginnings. There was nothing and than there was something. If you disagree with that than you are mindless. However, maybe there was always something. They live, life may have always lived, not on Earth but as the supernatural which to them is a fairy tale. If there was always something than they fear the unknown. We are taught that as humans, we are incapable of knowing all. This is not a truth they could accept. There is a limitation to our understanding but no limitation to our stupidity. If something always was, than there was never nothing. In this period of time, life existed before we're here and life will exist after we are here. There is an afterlife and they may have always been a beforelife. Atheist will just shrug their shoulders and nod in disbelief. Remember, nobody remembers themselves before they were born. We entered this life, before joy, before pain, before knowing, from darkness. God tells us he knew us before life and that everyone is special, in his image.

As far as beliefs and faith, to them Science has the answers. If Science doesn't have the answers, it will be discovered. This notion relies on feeble human minds as the answer. Man and his sinful nature cannot be trusted. The devil said we will be like Gods, but we are not God. So how did it all start? They believe nothing created everything. There was a big bang and the wheels have been in motion ever since. Maybe so for our neck of the universe, but they have to believe all time and space came from the big bang. Somebody had to make inertia happen, somebody put it in motion, that somebody was God. But since they don't see God, nor talk to God other than cursing, they can't touch God- they refuse to believe. However they can't touch the beginning of time but they make their own leap of faith that it occurred as they believe it did, a new kind of religion.

The Bible to them is one big fairy tale. Who could build an ark, preposterous. Who can survive inside a giant fish for three days? Who could part the sea? On and on, our faith is thrown under the bus as not believable. But God can do anything, God performs miracles all the time. The unexplained can be attributed directly to God. But to them, nothing to something is easily understood, preposterous I say. Early life from a primordial soup magically forms life as we know it, another lie that must be swallowed without understanding. Yet Jesus was one man who left this Earth, his words could have left with him. But he had such an impact, twelve believers spread that message until they themselves were killed, minus John who died of natural causes. Billions of people still believe that message. Catholics reserve their highest honor for Saints, who have done Jesus' will nearly perfect. We are called to be Saints yet not everyone is worthy of that title. A Saint must have performed miracles to achieve sainthood. What is a miracle? It is something that cannot be grasped, it is unexplainable as to why it occurred. It occurred because God works through them and the impossible becomes possible. You can't recreate it because it is Divine. We all can do anything our heart desires, we are told a mustard seed of faith can move mountains. But you need faith in God, you need a heart in sync with the spirit.

In this world, many will decide gray instead instead of black or white, there is or there isn't God. When we die, the answer is not nothing or something, it is Heaven or it is Hell. Love, family, friends, pets do not disappear because you've passed. Your life is special, it is unique, you retain those special bonds but you may remain separated from them if you fall into the non-believing trap. We all fear leaving this life and we all will leave this life. We trust in God's promise, the sting of death has been defeated because we know riches await, spiritual riches, the afterlife. Love lives on forever and always has. God is love.

Any atheist reading this, if you take anything away from this essay, know that you are loved, that every life is much more special than the sparrows of the sky. You have been made King over the beast. Jesus came to save you and me out of love for God. On your deathbed, if you have spent your entire life denying him who does not deny you- say you are sorry and ask for forgiveness. Your last breath may be enough to put you in eternal glory because God is merciful.