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I am a proud New Yorker (North of Mannahatta, South of St. Lawrence, West of Chataqua, East of Massachusetts). Below, a picture of a cat who I am quite fond of. One of my only friends of the feline specie. I have human friends too, but no one cares about that info.

Ella the Cat.jpeg

I like poetry and occasionally find myself in a poetic mood (I think of some really good stuff, write it down, then put it in the circular because I am a self-loathing artist). I did once read two poems at a café (reading both clocked in around 40 seconds total) which had started a successful career in poetry. My total income from my endeavors is:


If anyone would like to read some of my drivel, please leave a message on my talk page. I would feel honored to share my bullshit artistry.

Page(s) I have Worked on[edit]

Poetry Links Cause Why Not[edit]

Below you will find poetry that I like. Feel free to recommend stuff for me to read. I will be eternally grateful. Also, if anyone has any old mathematical books lying around (or any good math sites) do share as I will be eternally grateful. Anyway -

  • mIEKAL aND - from "Samsara Congeries": Wisconsinite poet who physically reminds me of Mike Lindell and spiritually reminds me of a Buddhist-Jesus-Speaking-in-Focused-Tongues. That is not an insult. I find myself reading more and more of his poetry because the wording is inventive and the ideas being talked of are interesting (even if they run toward religiosity, but I digress). Part two of the same event can be found here.
  • Chaim Ben Avram - tzimtzum: the contracture: Found this poet by accident and really liked this work. The poet's website can be found here with a description of, simply put, "poet". I kid you not; the writing is minimal and you are left asking more questions. I can appreciate a little obscurity in an artist.
  • Mez Breeze - Echolalia ChamburrRRrrrrrrsssszzzzz.....: Mez Breeze is a code poet - code poetry being a medium utilizing computer languages (fictional and real) - from Australia. A small outline of her work can be found here and an interview with her can be found here. I like literary art that is outside of the norm, so this piqued my fancy when I stumbled upon it a few years ago.
  • Arielle Greenberg - Three Poems: 1) NSFW because it deals with raw, gritty, erotic feelings. 2) I really like these poems because of the sense of realness offered and also the sort of sexually-charged romance involved. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like a relationship to be both emotionally-sensitive and playfully-sexual and these poems give senses of that real feeling of love in its myriad forms.
  • Jonathan E. Hoag - The Poetical Works of: The extant work of a poet from upstate New York. He was a contemporary of H. P. Lovecraft - also a friend - and managed to publish this book before he croaked at the age of 96. Will be looking into info regarding this man's life because there seems to not be much available to talk of.
  • Thomas Lux - Cow Chases Boys: This poem might be the most Northeast-countryside poem I have ever read. Can vouch that this behavior would be both expected and encouraged in some parts. Oh the stories I have as well. Also, get ready for a lot of poets named "Thomas".
  • Oscar Mardell - great works: A snippet of a longer collection talking of Aotearoa, New Zealand. No idea what that place is like, but I do love learning of new locations and their histories. In that vein, I will be looking into Aotearoa and its oddities.
  • Kurt Vonnegut - untitled: Did not know that Kurt dabbled in poetry every so often. He continues to amaze me. Then again, I haven't read his whole corpus.
  • The Cyborg Jillian Weise: This is the poet's book section. Included is a sampler of poetry/prose after the books being sold/shown off. I also listened to an interview with Weise and fellow poet Ishmael Reed; Reed and Weise discuss the process of poetry, how life plays into the writing, and discussing each other's influence on the other (they also recite some poetry). Weise writes a lot of poetry that deals with disability, philosophy, futurism, and a seeming intersection between science and society.