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Reductio ad Melodrama = RWGG

One example of the cytogenesis problem with "rational" wiki's GG page:

"Anita Sarkeesian's speaking engagement at Utah State University was subject to an anonymous threat claiming affiliation with Gamergate and alluding to the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre.[63] Sarkeesian cancelled the talk because while USU did not consider the threat credible, they refused to honor her request for increased security and checking audience members for concealed firearms under Utah's state gun control laws.[64][65] Gamergaters claimed this as a victory while simultaneously denying culpability."

You follow the source and right at the top is this simple disclaimer:

EDITOR’s NOTE - This story has been updated here.

This leads to a new source that has no mention of GG at all, this is because there was no evidence linking the USU Sarkeesian Bomb Threat to GG. The worst I am allowed to say of this on this site was that this article was simply shoddy editorial and fact checking. In other words it's complete trash and has since been updated to reflect the facts. What's interesting is that I will never get anyone on this site to address this.

This is another one, God of the Gaps and a whole lot of just plain stupid:

"As the attacks on Quinn reached a fever pitch, Anita Sarkeesian released a new video in her web series, unaware of the shitstorm brewing, and almost immediately received "some very scary threats" towards herself and her family to where she also left her her home, although only temporarily."

Of *course* they know each other as this is basically a Bay Area Hipster clique. Look at how Leigh Alexander contacts the Guardian very shortly, a month, after GG took off doing spin control. Maya Kramer, a close friend of Zoe and her gang, is involved in this from the start and she is part of a PR company, Silverstring, and that she knew what was going on in GG from the start. I will try to point this out and I get called a tinfoiler. I'm "fringe" for suggesting that Sarkeesian is not so insanely incompetent as to not know what is going on with those who are both her friends and colleagues. All the more so when it is something that is of both a personal and professional concern.