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NOTE: This article was written in 2017, when I had a somewhat incorrect view of what 'conservative' meant. For the purposes of this article, conservative means hard right wing.

Dear RationalWiki, it's Irrational to suggest that I'm a Closeted Conservative.

Recently, a new article about me appeared on RationalWiki. In my opinion, it paints a picture of me as some kind of closeted conservative. Maybe I'm just oversensitive, but I don't really consider myself a sensitive person. Anyway, I have to protect my reputation, so here's a rebuttal. I know that this is probably just the work of individual contributor(s), so I'm not saying the site as a whole is bad. But I still have to make my case, that I'm not a closeted conservative. So here it is.

The case against me apparently starts with how I don't think like other feminists:

"She has sung praises of the historical achievements of the liberal feminist movement, and has also defended modern choice feminism as a continuation of the liberal feminist tradition, against the views of other feminist writers. She also believes that liberal feminism is better suited to deal with the demands of intersectional feminism than radical feminism, a position that is at odds with the views of most intersectional feminists."

I do accept that I often don't agree with the feminist establishment. However, not agreeing with them doesn't necessarily mean I'm wrong, stupid, or a crank. The majority is not always right, after all.

And then there's the bit about how I defend Ivanka Trump, just like the conservatives. Well, most American progressives are opposed to anarcho-communism just like American conservatives. Does this mean they are the same? The lesson is, one similar action does not mean similar ideology.

Next comes the attack on my views of intersectional feminism:

"It actually appears that TaraElla is mostly concerned with feminism's tendency to exclude conservative women and conservative viewpoints, something conservatives have been agitating about well before the advent of intersectional feminism. She has in effect dressed this age-old conservative complaint up by referencing socially conservative ethnic minorities and LGBT people, making it look somewhat related to intersectionality."

Now, I am sympathetic to those conservative women who have been excluded from feminism. But it's not because I'm particularly pro-conservative. It's just that nobody should be excluded.