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My objective is simple: ensure a factual basis for all assertions/facts/opinions on this "RationalWiki" site, regardless of ideological position.

Main namespace - used for articles that are designed for collaboration. They can be about any topic which furthers our goals of: 1. Analyzing and refuting the anti-science movement, ideas and people. 2. Analyzing and refuting the full range of crank ideas. 3. Exploring authoritarianism and fundamentalism. These main space articles can be and will be edited by all other editors.

I like this objective. As I also stated on someone's talk page just recently, I like how, here at RationalWiki, you come to a rational conclusion from a factual basis, as opposed to Wikipedia.

Issue positions[edit]

Note: I will not be too pleased if you attack me personally and/or unfairly for my viewpoints. I am posting this so you may be able to understand where I'm coming from in my reasoning. Furthermore, I want to focus more on what issues I support or oppose and less on what candidates/religions/ideologies I support as my viewpoints are rather diverse.

1. Social Security: I believe it is economically inefficient, but as a rich country it is our moral obligation to ensure a continued stream of income for our seniors and disabled who will never be able to work again. The social security tax should remain in its current regressive format, to encourage economic efficiency, but we must raise the FICA tax immediately. (I will never be elected to public office will I?)

2. Medicare: Same reasoning as Social Security. We have a moral obligation to take care of those who have no ability to pay us back in the future. Keep Medicare taxes regressive, but increase the tax.

3. EMTALA: The Repubican version of universal health care is an unfunded madate that is cost ineffective and must be repealed with the introduction of universal health care. Essentially, EMTALA says you're on your own to buy that Ford Focus, but we will give you a Lexus (ER care) for free.