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User:Tmil96/sandbox Chad Felix Greene

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They/them just doesn’t work as a singular pronoun. The APA style guide is widely used in academic writing, and the decision to essentially create a new usage from an established pronoun is absurd.
—Chad Felix Greene, not knowing how language or the singular "they" work[1][2]

Chad Felix Greene is an American conservative writer perhaps best known for his attacks on LGBT rights and activists as well as defending homophobic people and organizations(Including Mike Pence[3]... despite the fact that he is gay himself.

LGBT issues[edit]

He really does not like the idea of the singular pronoun use of "they" and "them", in an article for the Federalist (and misgendering non-binary singer Sam Smith in the process because of course he would)[4].

He also compared Conversion therapy to (of all things) Fortune telling[5].

Denialism and Conservative "Persecution"[edit]

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Greene claims it's conservative who are more persecuted than the LGBT community, claiming that he is more persecuted for his conservative beliefs than for being Gay<lie>.[6]

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  • [[1]] Greene's twitter