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BrainMop.png As a confirmed mustard jar for taking on this job as a Sysop on RationalWiki: I, Tmil96, pledge to only block users if they ask for it, or insert unfunny vandalism.
I furthermore pledge that if I indulge in secret private conversations about you, we will make a formal report to the mob. Is that all?
If you impugn my motives without warrant, or challenge my "AUTHORITY", er, there is nothing I can or will do.

Just a suburban boy, born and raised in north Illinois. He took the midnight train to get the hell out of Illinois.

Let's get this (ever expanding) show on the road!
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This user is pansexual.

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Now that we got that out of the way, here is some pages I have started up:[edit]

Pages I plan to start up:[edit]