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User:Typical lib

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I believe that you should be punished for working hard, and your money given to pregnant teenage crackheads who have never worked and never will. I believe that Christianity must be replaced with Islam. I believe that the only sexual perversion is monogamy. I believe that George Soros and Sharia law are good for America. I believe that US troops are terrorists and should be killed by my ISIS brothers and sisters. I believe that Israel should be bombed and the Jews driven into the sea. I believe that men deserve to be raped by women. I believe that kids should be encouraged to smoke marijuana, but telling them to go to church is child abuse. I believe that blow jobs are morally acceptable, whereas animal testing is a heinous crime. I believe that killing cops is an exercise of freedom, whereas shooting black thugs makes you a racist fascist. I am a proud Obama voter, and will fight for whatever candidate in the next election is most like Obama.