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capra, cabra ; cabra doméstica, chèvre, ziege, коза, عَنْزَة 山羊, alaa, bok, dhi, ahuntz, Bangla, aɣaḑ, cavra, gavr, crapa, koza, ged, geit, tchîvra, kaprino, kits, geit, vuohi, geit, თხა , κατσίκα, kavara, બકરો, àlewȁ, बकरी, kecske, gabhar, やぎ, 염소, nêrî, ožka, Geess, ondry, mogħża, goayr, kapüra, बकरी, enkine, saeva, chèvra, càvara, بز, crava, koza, ਬਕਰੀ, karwa, chèpra, cràpa, gáica, अजा, craba, Goiß, podi, adhi, mbuzi, get, kambing, keçi, cavra, gafr, tsig, imbuzi


This page needs more GOAT

Time zones[edit]

If the timing of my edits seems strange, or if I seemingly disappear in the middle of a conversation, it's because I live in Turkiye, and I have a job and a family.


It's kinda like sex, I guess. A little awkward at first. Takes a little instruction. Chafes without adequate preparation. Best with a partner. At its best, is all about teamwork. Most folks are lousy at it. It's nothing to be ashamed of. People often try to make you feel guilty about it. Dangerous if performed irresponsibly. Feels real good if you do it right. Once you master the fundamentals, you can start getting creative. Hard to do when you're distracted. Without it, the human race dies off in one generation. Worth it in the long run.

Science and Religion[edit]

The more I study the interplay of science and religion, the more convinced I become that the source of the conflict is the failure to the religionists to understand religion, and the failure to the science fanboys to understand science.