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Hi, welcome to WittyUsername's observation page!

First and foremost, many liberals (although few of them are super-left) use the term Social justice warrior. I, too, use it sometimes, although my personal definition is somewhat different from the norm, which in itself is very different from what's provided on this site. Mine is anyone who goes above and beyond rationality (and/or legal justice) for the sake of social justice. This personal definition helps me not use it as a snarl world and instead as a way of determining what level of batshit I'm dealing with today.

Another observation is that many of them evil gamin' ally-gators (the curs!) are also liberal. A good example would be from KnowYourMeme and it's GGer userbase, being much more liberal than RW wants to believe. Other examples can be found in various places across Tumblr, in the parts that aren't filled with batshit craziness or porn. Oh, and lots are women, too. Fancy that.

Third thing? Anti-feminists (or people who are not supporters of, but not against, feminism) are also often liberal and/or women. The ones who are women continually draw ire by simply existing. From feminists. Or people pretending to be feminists; Poe's Law is in full effect at times.

These things are actually why I'm considering making a clone of Wikipedia, but less stuffy and more personal. Vaguely like TvTropes, only for not-trope things, and run by a completely different random person. As you can tell, I'm not much of a fan of political bias. Like everyone, I have some myself, but how to neutralize that (without having tons of editors)? Multiple sources that disagree!

I still find it funny that I was branded a "reactionary" for simply disagreeing with the stances presented in some articles. That should be a Snarl word.

I have heard that, in an earlier era, RW was highly liberal, to counteract CvP's extreme conservatism. I also heard that later the site was reformed and pushed closer to the center. Is it just me, or has the site drifted away from the center?