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WonderKirby577 Quote Generator[edit]

Have you ever Wondered (lol geddit?!) what your resident memelord pink puffball would say?

Well look no further! With this piece of beautiful future technology stolen from the NWO, you can generate a 100% genuine WonderKirby577 quote! (yes, this is the kind of stuff he likes to say)

Spin the wheel!

Goat. That's the joke.

WonderKirby577's Wonderful Corsola Protection Program (W.W.C.P.P)[edit]

New secret Template! (do not steal)[edit]

Detectivepikachu.jpg Have no fear, Problem Sleuth WonderKirby577 is here!

He will not rest until the Corsolas are safe guilty parties are give a stern talking to and sat in the time-out.

If you think the detective is not doing his job, you can get off of my property discuss it on his talk page.