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A fluffy wwwwolf

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Gee, boxes.
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WWWWolf is, simply put, Yet Another Weird Guy on the Internet.

What I am: I've been a lot of things - a hobbyist artist, writer, programmer and computer geek, and a passing-by sarcastic rambler. I've been a wikihead for a long time, and fairly active in Wikia and WikiMedia projects. Also a sysop in English Wikipedia.

Why I'm here: Well, I'm a geek with a vision of a happy future of everyone doing the right things, and the anti-intellectualism and anti-science sentiment worries me. I'm solitary Wiccan, but that doesn't really show out much outward. My religious views could probably be summed up as "do the Right Thing". (And my view on magic is pretty much "magic = conscious influence", whether it's mysterious or not. Arthur C. Clarke was right: magic may be just another name for technology, but technology is still awesome. =) I'm also here because I'm a big fan of Internet-based weirdnesses and I'm also an enthusiastic follower on latest on scams (especially Internet-based scams); Conservapedia seems to be one of the most interesting scams out there right now.

This user page is pretty boring, but hopefully there'll be more stuff.

Apparently, I've been bestowed sysop rights here. I promise to try to not to mess things up too much, and remember, there's absolutely no need to be afraid of unprovoked wolves, as usually the wolves are afraid of humans!


And elsewhere?[edit]