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About Myself[edit]

Hello, my name is Eric Hovind. I am a Norwegian living in Glasgow at the moment where I am about to complete my M.Res. in Sociology and Social Statistics. I attend the University of Glasgow, and I have previously attended the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and University of California, Berkeley. I went to International schools in Norway, and I am therefore a fluent English-speaker. I strongly identify with Anglo-American culture.

My professional interests are theoretical sociology, social philosophy, political sociology, the welfare state, statistics, the effects of cultural values on policy, the social psychology of ideology, and medical sociology.

My other intellectual interests are Philosophy in general, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, moral philosophy, the history of ideas, institutional and neoclassical economics, critique of pseudoscience, Christian theology and apologetics, Eastern philosophy, mathematics, history, popular science books and popular culture.

Politically, I am a non-partisan European Liberal (Centre-right in Europe, moderate left in the United States) and base my politics in Western Enlightenment values: Freedom of speech, press, association (including unions and professional organisations), religion, separation of powers and the free market. My ethical philosophy is based largely on Kantian deontology, but with a utilitarian twist.

I am a universal skeptic, crusader against superstition, rationalist and atheist but I consider myself culturally Christian.