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You may say this user is a dreamer, but he's not the only one.

Yes, This is my userpage. I will update it shortly to make it a real userpage. This is to tell you that I heard about this site from my brother Reuleaux, and am not an ex-Conservapedian.

I also like making ACD pages, and seeing how they grow when people see them on the recent changes page.

Because I have created a new Lennon userbox to be gender specific, and figured it out all my myself by looking at a Wikipedia userbox and hammering out what does what, I am immensely proud of it, so it'll be the first userbox I put on my userpage. I would add more boxes, but I am exceedingly lazy.

Let's hear it for the first edit to this page in over 1.5 years! Anyways, I'm a sysop now. This makes me happy.