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Z-Rex, about to feast upon your moist warm innards

Roar of Approval[edit]

  • Androids -- hoping to be a dev on an android project this summer
  • Sapphires -- soooo purty
  • Babylon 5 -- greatest SciFi show, even if I only got to watch the first 3 seasons
  • Vikings -- Cause they are awesome.

Roar of Dissapproval[edit]

  • Snoopy -- Not funny
  • Cashew butter -- Is nasty and I'm allergic
  • Inferior bipedal mammals, and their tinny screams --They are food
  • Muncie Indiana -- Most boring town I have ever visited
  • Anime -- Ruined Tvtropes FOREVER
  • Dogs -- Been mauled 3 times. hate 'em

Users I have eaten (but not in a good way)[edit]

  • Rationalize
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Lily
  • Nebuchadnezzar