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Here is a wonderful selection of pure gold comments found on news sites (such as Yahoo and NBC) for your entertainment.

The Good[edit]

Just yesterday a Yahoo poster wrote that she believed something "infatically" while another claimed that Obama grew up in a country called "Indianonesia" and another spoke of federal workers being "furrowed" and yet another wrote of government "miss management". Posters in their hundreds believe that laws are passed by popular referendum, that Congressmen get free health insurance, that the ACA will cover illegal immigrants, and that the President is, in fact, the Anti-Christ. Previous posts have claimed that the death penalty is a "detergent" to crime and that the nation is headed for "armed resurrection". In a recent election primary someone posted that she had voted for Huckabee because his name reminded her of Huckleberry Finn. Yesterday someone posted a question---why does the USA need a National Weather Service when all they need to do to find out about the weather is go online or turn on the Weather Channel. Do these Americans seem stupid? Yes, they do, and if you want more evidence, go to the Yahoo article today telling how Americans scored on an international test of reading, math, and problem-solving ability.

AND YET people who barely made it out of high school, if they got that far, are just certain that they know better than all of the political scientists and economist in the world. So they are generous with advice, a frequent suggestion being that the entire US government should be fired and that we could get along just fine with neither government nor laws. If ever there has been a time to call democracy into question, this may be it. Every human soul may indeed be equal in the eyes of God, but every human person is not equally competent to run the affairs of the nation. Populism has run amok. Much of the political and economic opinion that is posted on these boards is an embarrassment to the nation. - Snapdragon (Yahoo News)

The Bad[edit]

Take a look around at Americas problems ...If this doesn't upset you YOU have a problem. Just what in the world does a year and a half old picture of Obama on a MEXICAN holiday have to do with this? Can you say "amnesty"? the B.S. is beginning. -IA.ScooterTramp, story about Pete Souza getting married in the Rose Garden. (NBC News)

Legal marijuana does not stop illegal marijuana! Anyone who's taken an economics course can tell you that. This is simply about tax revenues and a greedy government who can't stop taxing and spending. Government will put high taxes on weed, taxes that illegal dealers don't charge or pay. Simply undercut the legal weed by a large margin and people will still buy from you. -Darkness on a article about NY legalizing medical marijuana (Yahoo News)

The Ugly[edit]

"Obama is married to a man. He has given us a fake birth certificate. His social security number belongs to a dead man. The young lady gunned down in DC was his baby mama who was lured there by Obama and then murdered by capitol thugs. And this is just the tip of the iceburg." -ObamaBinLyin, 9/11 Truther commenting on a story about how 75% of White House staff has been furloughed. (Yahoo News)