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Don't take me seriously. I don't.

Rage-fueled atheist working for a multinational corporation as a software developer. Wikiholic extraordinaire. Hurray.

Personal Pages[edit]

Pages I have made[edit]

I call it the Colbert Pose, featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson




Nothing for now.

Stuff about me[edit]

(Stolen from User:Barryjon) In the interest of full disclosure here are some random things about me (in mostly no particular order):

Topic Answer
Join Date 19 June 2013
Personal Faith Atheist
Raised Roman Catholic
Convert To Atheism
Current Religion Atheism
Phobic Only a madman knows no fear. A warrior knows what fear is, he feels it in his stomach, he understands fear better than any other mortal can. What makes us strong is that we have conquered fear, overcome it not once but many times, over and over again, until the process has become instinctive. but no matter how many battles you fight and how many victories you win, your fear will never completely leave you. Learn to live with that fear. Learn to master your fear. But never forget that there are things in this universe that even you cannot face and live, abominations so terrible that their very appearance will sear the flesh from your face and shrivel your eyes. Such things cannot be fought, and to confront them would be nothing but a futile waste of life. In those situations remember your vows to serve the Emperor, and remember also that you serve him best alive and not sacrificed upon the altar of vain glory. - Memorum Libris de Petronius Caligarus, Ultramarines Captain
Political Ideology Modern Progressivism
Ideologue Equality for all
Idealist Nah
Realist Unfortunately
Cynic Most always
Pragmatist What?
Monarchy A tall glass of nope.
Capitalism Can be good
Corporatism Always bad
Global Warming A problem
Anthropomorphic Global Warming Obvious
Polution I like not dying when I breathe...
Evolution Prove to me any other way.
Sexual Orientation Straight Male
Born New York, USA
Lives Colorado, USA
Occupation Software Developer
Industry Major Multi-national Corporation
Education AoOS: Software Development
Music Rock, Indie, Opera, Metal, J-Rock, J-Pop, Techno
Other interests Politics, Video Games, Japanese Animation
Twitter @zeroserenity (Not that I tweet)
Facebook Sure, why not.

Bring it on!

Useful Stuff[edit]

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