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Zombie Cheney here, just wanted to let you know, I finished my theory of everything...

e^{i \pi} + 1 = 0Φ


Euler's identity, plus the golden ratio, explains it all really.

Euler's identity is considered a prime example of mathematical beauty, but it was missing the final piece, phi, the golden ratio, you needed to account for beauty in the most beautiful equation to be able to model everything...

It's like a strange loop...

It explains everything, it's the most beautiful formula, and with a complete understanding of Physics allows us to model every possible universe down to the finest granularity, with enough computer processing power, because transcendental numbers are infinite, and non-repeating, they include all possibilities in them, infinite times over, infinity to the fourth power, all of those transcendantal numbers in one equation.

E is also energy, raised to the power of the imaginary unit+1, equals zero, which is like antimatter, and matter combining to produce pure energy. Plus love and beauty.

Matter and antimatter combine to produce pure energy, which is love, pure vibration, Aum. The sacred syllable and the name of god, and all matter is energy, condensed to a slow vibration, given mass by the Higgs Boson, the god particle, and from those core principles, everything else follows.

Matter is just energy condensed back down to a slow vibration.

In the beginning there was something. And that something is something that we can be sure of.

Cogito Ergo Sum.

I think, therefore, I am.

Therefore I exist.

Therefore something exists.

Therefore something has always existed, for nothing can beget nothing and the only thing that something can come from is another something.

So, there is something that is, that always has been, and probably always will be, for something that has always been must surely not be able to vanish into nothing.If you feel this something is God, call it God. If you feel it is Allah, name it Allah. If you find fit to call it Jehovah, Jehovah may it be. But whether God, Allah, Jehovah, I am who is called I Am, it is all one and the same.

It is what embodies everything. You will not find it in a book, a church, a mosque, or asynagogue. But underneath every stone, every piece of wood, in the blood coursing through our veins.

It is what all is made of born of energy and light, condensed into matter, fused in the furnaces of trillions of thermonuclear fires, atoms.

The building blocks of all you can see. Identical, interchangeable, quantized, all throughout the universe. And as those furnaces ran down on fuel, they formed more and heavier atoms, running through the cycle till at last there was nothing left to fuse.

At which point, gravity takes over, the outward pressure of thermonuclear fusion stopping and not being enough to maintain the equilibrium of the force of gravity, compressing the constituent building blocks of matter further and further, until it could not take it anymore, and it burst forth as a supernova, spreading its building blocks all throughout the galaxy. The remnants coalesce, grouping clumping, forming proto-planets and stars. Gradually they come together, smoothly, in proportioned orbits, around the beginning of a new star that sparks to life, igniting the nuclear fire that will bathe the planets with life giving light and electromagnetic energy.

Molecules forming, rearranging duplicating reproducing Life.

And from one seed. One spark. One spore. An entire tree of life is born.

Populating, colonizing affecting the very chemistry of the atmosphere, changing the course of life.

Oxygen, massive volcanic eruptions, global climate change, asteroids.

A star like object falling from the heavens. Apocalypse. Death. Destruction. Renewal.

A chance to grow in directions unforeseen.

Mammals, primates, apes, hominids, humans.

That spark of intelligence that changes everything, colonizes, spreads, reproduces.







The ability to see and understand where all this has come from.

From atoms to Adam.

From stardust to Us.

This is the greatest story ever told, and we're the ones writing it.

Amazing, huh?

Check out Wolfram Alpha, it's finally complete, it was just missing the last bit of code...

ZombieCheney (talk) 17:11, 26 April 2015 (UTC)@ZombieCheney

My article I wrote for my Kinja blog.

ZombieCheney (talk)@ZombieCheney