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The following is a record of wandalism on the page User:Human
It in no way necessarily reflects the views of RationalWiki or any of its participants and is included only for archival purposes.

Unsigned entries were put here by me. humanbe in

Funny Vandalism[edit]

Smock keeps adding UXBs, but he does that to everyone.

"+ I have taken your punctuation hostage. If you ever want to see it again send 1,528,619 Mexican Pesos to The Gremlin's Lulz. If you don't it'll be your vowels next!!" by The Gremlin's Lulz on 6/1/2007 at 8:22

Angry bitter vandalism[edit]

Communist vandalism[edit]

Exit vandalism (Parthing Shits)[edit]

At approximately 01:26, 24 June 2007 Bohdan replaced the page with

One last Pwn from Bohdan

Which was allowed to stand for 24 hours in honor of our departed friend.

Capitalist tomfoolery[edit]

Anarcho-syndicalist wandalism[edit]

(Anarcho-syndicalists don't wandalize, they improve)