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Powers of the Board of Trustees[edit]

People who claimed that the Board will not be involved in site "policies":

Lumenos contends the following reduced quote, confirms what ey has been saying:

"Everything that there is to own, will be owned by the Foundation. This is run by the trustees. The [ Lugubrious Jackals ] is nothing more than a conflict resolution system; it wouldn't decide who keeps the domain name in the case of a "breakup", it would always stay with the Foundation, which is [run] by the Trustees. [...] Those with server access will be appointed by whoever is technical director of the site, this TD is appointed by the Trustees. [...] If those with server access abuse their powers and trust, they can be reprimanded by the technical director. ArmondikoV 14:07, 20 July 2010 (UTC)"(last post in this archived section)

Other debates on this question:

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