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User talk:Nate Spidgewood

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if you are the real nate...[edit]

Nate (if that's really you), some advice: I suggest you come off wikia and the other websites you are fooling around on. If you stopped disrupting and creating sock-puppets on these websites, your Kiwi Farms thread would become inactive; Kiwi-stalkers who are obsessed with you - wouldn't have anything to post in your thread, or update about your activities - if you stayed off those websites. Once Kiwi threads become inactive, they loose clicks, and their Google/Bing search-engine rank declines from the top page [since you live in the US, not UK, you cannot easily de-index your Kiwi Farms article from Google; it would require a court order]. Anyway, that's my only advice. It would also help to not be further antagonistic to your stalkers, and just ignore them. Trust me, eventually they will get bored (say 6-12 months) if you stopped using all those websites you sock on.EvilGremlin (talk) 22:45, 20 February 2018 (UTC)