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<table width=100%><tr><td valign=top>
<table width=100%><tr><td valign=top>
* Screwed
* ''Screwed''
* Walking Your Blues Away
* ''Walking Your Blues Away''
* Ultimate Sacrifice
* ''Ultimate Sacrifice''
* We The People
* ''We The People''
* What Would Jefferson Do?
* ''What Would Jefferson Do?''
* Unequal Protection
* ''Unequal Protection''
</td><td valign=top>
</td><td valign=top>
* Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
* ''Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight''
* The Edison Gene
* ''The Edison Gene''
* ADHD Secrets of Success
* ''ADHD Secrets of Success''
* The Prophet's Way
* ''The Prophet's Way''
* Healing ADD
* ''Healing ADD''
</td><td valign=top>
</td><td valign=top>
* Greatest Spiritual Secret
* ''Greatest Spiritual Secret''
* Complete Guide to ADHD
* ''Complete Guide to ADHD''
* A Different Perception
* ''A Different Perception''
* ADD Success Stories
* ''ADD Success Stories''
* Beyond ADD
* ''Beyond ADD''
* Focus Your Energy
* ''Focus Your Energy''

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Thom Hartmann is an American liberal talk radio host and author who was formerly a psychotherapist and an entrepreneur. His radio show, The Thom Hartmann Program, is nationally syndicated, with between 1.5 million to 3 million daily listeners.

Unlike most others on the radio, Thom Hartmann uses a cerebral approach, backing up what he says with real knowledge about the topics at hand. He also hosts guests who disagree with him[1] and doesn't shout them down, preferring instead to engage them in a proper debate and answer questions from callers afterwards. He also engages callers who disagree with him in a similar fashion, and has a set policy of not letting people denigrate arguments put forth by guests or callers without allowing them the opportunity to reply.

Despite his mild-mannered style, he has demonstrated a sharp intellect, which combined with the above-mentioned real knowledge allows him to demolish with ease the arguments of people who only pretend to know about said issues (e.g., Rush Limbaugh).

According to Talkers Magazine, his is the tenth most important talk radio show in America, and he is the most important progressive radio host.[2]

He is a big promoter of protective tariffs and high marginal tax rates.

Controversial stands

As far as the RationalWiki perspective, Thom does cross the line a bit with his enthusiasm over the Gaia hypothesis.


He is also a prolific author. Thom's books, lifted wholesale from his website:

  • Screwed
  • Walking Your Blues Away
  • Ultimate Sacrifice
  • We The People
  • What Would Jefferson Do?
  • Unequal Protection
  • Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
  • The Edison Gene
  • ADHD Secrets of Success
  • The Prophet's Way
  • Healing ADD
  • Greatest Spiritual Secret
  • Complete Guide to ADHD
  • A Different Perception
  • ADD Success Stories
  • Beyond ADD
  • Focus Your Energy

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  1. Though we do not know how many of these guests are right-wingers.