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Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) is a libertarian think tank based in Washington DC.

It was founded by lobbyist Fred Smith, and has been funded by a laundry list of bogeymen, such as Koch Industries, the Scaife Foundations, Exxon, Philip Morris, etc. Like any of the Beltway think tanks that spews vulgar libertarianism, they take quite a consistent line against any government regulation of their financial backers.

CEI is a major proponent of global warming denial, second-hand smoke denial, and denial of any science establishing that industrial activity can cause environmental damage. One of their adjuncts is the noted denialist shyster, Steve Milloy.


[edit] Cooler Heads Coalition

They put together something called the "Cooler Heads Coalition," which is basically a committee that takes the output of the bullshit factory that comprises various denialist think tanks and funnels it into a single propaganda outlet (their website) and hypes denialist petitions.

[edit] Bureaucrash

They run an astroturf organization called Bureaucrash, which organizes libertarian "activists." Its communications director Lee Doren has a YouTube channel "HowTheWorldWorks," peddling laissez-faire talking points on the economy and environmental denialism.

[edit] Africa Fighting Malaria

CEI also has connections to the astroturf group Africa Fighting Malaria, which exists mainly to shill for DDT, spread anti-environmentalism, and pay out large sums of money to its "fellows."

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