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Extraordinary rendition is a euphemism used to describe the secret and illegal movement of terrorism suspects for interrogation (sadly, a euphemism for torture) from the United States (where we pretend to have things called civil rights) to countries where such practices are legal. Although the actual rendition was mostly carried out by the CIA, it depended on the cooperation, and silence, of several other countries. It has now been "abolished" by Barack Obama. Extraordinary rendition is distinguished from ordinary rendition plain old "rendition" in that the latter simply involves the CIA or another covert agency snatching a suspect from a foreign country, either entirely without that country's permission or with only unofficial permission and in violation of the country's actual laws. This form of rendition does not necessarily result in torture, but doesn't rule it out either.

According to current estimates, over 3,000 terror suspects were abducted around the world and transferred to camps since Bush's declaration of "War on Terror" in 2001.

While President Obama has drastically limited the practice to be all but eliminated, he still retains the "legal" right to use extraordinary rendition under specific and particular circumstances. According to an inquiry into United States CIA billing practices for 2010,[1] it appears Obama has used rendition in 2 cases since he took office. It should be zero.


[edit] Co-operating countries

Countries cooperating in extraordinary rendition: Black - the United States and CIA-run "black sites"; dark blue - points of origin for ER journeys; light blue - transit routes; red - destinations.

Fourteen European countries were found to have cooperated in extraordinary rendition, according to a report of the European Parliament. They were: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.[2]

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