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Clarence Thomas

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2004 official photo.

Clarence Thomas is a radical wingnut, strict constructionist member of the Supreme Court. He is also the second African American to be elevated to the Supreme Court, and the only African American currently so honored (he succeeded the first, Thurgood Marshall.) In his early years, he was seen as little more than an echo of Antonin Scalia, the most conservative member of the court. However, in recent years Thomas has become more vocal, and started staking out positions -- often further to the right than even Scalia.


[edit] Confirmation controversies

During his confirmation hearings, Anita Hill (a former clerk of his) stepped forward and claimed to have been sexually harassed by Thomas. Conservatives blasted her, even calling her "a little bit slutty and a little bit nutty."[1] Many liberals rallied to her defense, especially women's groups. In the end, despite a Democratic majority in the Senate, Thomas was approved for the Supreme Court. Many said that Ted Kennedy, as head of the Justice Committee, was personally unable to do anything about Thomas due to his own marital issues in that era.

[edit] Well-he-did-not

On February 22, 2006, he spoke from the bench. He didn't say a word from there to any lawyer until 2013, when he responded to Justice Scalia's comment about a lawyer attending Yale Law school, he said, "Well, he did not." Although some say he purposely said that,[2] others think he was really making a side joke to Antonin Scalia.[3] Whatever it is, Clarence has not asked a question from the bench in court. For over twenty years he has done nothing but stare at the ceiling. It is a nice ceiling. So, in fifty years, when your grandchildren ask you, "Does Clarence Thomas do a good job at his job?" you answer "Well, he did not."

[edit] He also does weddings!

Thomas presided over El Rushbo's third marriage in 1994. The ceremony was held at Thomas' house.

[edit] Corruption — So What!

Thomas is perhaps the most corrupt Supreme Court justice in recent memory. He has spent 20 years filing false financial statements — a crime that he will likely never be convicted of due to his position of power and the political gridlock in Congress.[4] Furthermore, he did not recuse himself from the Citizens United case despite Citizens United having spent $100,000 on his behalf to support his nomination to the court.[5]

[edit] Thomas for president?

In 2012, some Republicans, not thrilled with the crop of candidates, began suggesting that should the nomination come down to a brokered convention, Thomas would be a possible choice for president.[6] In retrospect, they could have done worse.

[edit] Footnotes

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