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Jesusland is shown in red; the United States of Logic and Reason in blue.
Map adapted for Canucks. Jesusland is shown in blue; areas of relative sanity and logic in red.

Jesusland, or more derogatorily known as Dumbfuckistan, is the name for the 30 U.S. states which voted for George W. Bush in 2004, and sometimes, depending on who you ask, the Canadian province of Alberta. The name came about after a post-election map showed that the states (excluding Alaska) formed a contiguous block. The name "Jesusland" was invented to describe the area, to fit the view of it as having an overly fundamentalist population. Which, of course, it does. It is the legendary "Real America" sought after by Sarah Palin.


[edit] Etymology

Although Jesusland sounds like a snarky nickname that some blue state liberal devised, it may have actually originated among the region's indigenous bible thumpers. In the first chapter of her memoir Jesus Land, journalist Julia Scheeres describes what happened to her family after they moved to rural Indiana when she was sixteen.[1] A few days after arriving, she and her brother were riding their bicycles down one of the country roads near their house when they came across a group of signs that a farmer had erected in his field:[2]

Sinners go to:

Rightchuss go to:

The end is neer:[3]

This here is:


[edit] Economy

Jesusland has a diverse economy, based on the taxes of the sinners of the non-Jesus states.[4][5]

[edit] See also

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[edit] Footnotes

  1. Her family is white, but she also has an adopted black brother.
  2. Scheeres, Julia. Jesus Land, Counterpoint/Perseus Books Group, New York, 2006, p.4.
  3. No, this is not Dutch, just misspelled English. We hope.
  4. Chart comparing state annual taxes paid vs. money received

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