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TinWiki began life as wiki which described itself as:

[T]he first full-feature Wiki dedicated exclusively to all the topics that inspires the authors to consider "tinfoil hats". Topics such as conspiracy theories, UFO cover ups, extraterrestrial programs, New World Order, Illuminati, secret government programs, top secret bases, and nearly any other "alternative topic" that would cause paranoid fear of the government reprisals, wire taps, and email monitoring are the focus of this collaborative Wiki.[1]

It also sounds like it would have been an ideal home for many of our more disturbed IP contributors.

This site was possibly a satire, as most contributors would be leery of joining such a project and revealing their identity to The Man. Or maybe not. It's hard to tell with true believers.

[edit] Death

The wiki has now disappeared, which is a shame, because some of their stuff was quite amusing.[2]

It lives on as a discussion board at Above Top Secret, where it has been given its own section called The TinWiki Overview.[3] Each former page has been given its own thread, which can be commented on. So far they only have the articles up to C.

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  2. The Ballard of John Titor - More info can be found on Wikipedia.
  3. It new home.

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