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Andy and Phyllis rap about Conservapedia, part two.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Announcer in italics.

We're talking today with Andy Schlafly, who's a lawyer and an engineer and conducts a large homeschooling class. Where did you get, where did you get your students?

By word of mouth, it's... I've been teaching since 2002 and it's grown steadily since then, as I said we're up to 66 students and I believe it's the largest American history class in the world for teenagers. It's bigger than any public school...

Oh, well the whole trend is you have to have small classes in the public schools, I think even Florida passed a constitutional amendment that you've got to keep classes very small.

Well that's a mistake too, that's because the liberal teacher unions want to be able to hire more teachers and have a more powerful union. The bigger class provides better competition, provides more social opportunities, it's more enjoyable for the students to have a bigger class.

Oh! Competition? That's a bad word in the public schools today, isn't it?

Certainly is, but competition's essential to motivate students, and it's also essential to teach the material without liberal bias. A liberal bias is very confusing, and it's what causes students to become depressed and lose their motivation, but when you teach American history and other topics without the liberal bias, the students get excited about it, it's straightforward, it makes sense. It teaches about the American dream about what kind of potential they have themselves to do well in society.

Well the, er, story, the story of American history is really so exciting. It's so exciting, as one, as one of the classic books says, when the, when the pilgrims came to this continent they tilled the ground the same way people did in Biblical days and then in just a short space of a few decades, we have this tremendous expansion and increase in standard of living that has just stunned the whole world.

At the end of our class I asked our students whom they thought was the most influential American in all of history and they voted first for Thomas Edison, because of all his productivity...

Good choice!

And then the second choice was Ronald Reagan, and then the third choice was George Washington. So this is the kind of optimistic, upbeat attitudes that you get from students when you teach the material without the liberal bias, and I will say that above all, all of my students are very happy teenagers. I can almost tell the difference between a homeschooler and a public school student just by how happy they are.

Oh! That's wonderful! Well, they're not given all of these depressing assignments and what we call "oppression studies".

That's exactly right, and then of course what that depression leads to, it leads to addiction, leads to drugs, leads to a lot of bad things. But if you keep the students happy, then they stay way from all those pitfalls and problems that teenagers and adults can get into.

Well, we want to hear from some homeschoolers, but we've got just about a minute left in this segment, I want you to tell what Conservapedia is.

Conservapedia is a free, on-line resource on the internet, anyone can go there right now. Spelt C, O, N, S, E, R, V, A, P, E, D, I, A, dot com, it's a combination of "conservative" and "encyclopedia", those two words, dot com, and you can go there right now. And you can look up any term. You can look up Barack Obama, which, our entry has had over 900,000 pageviews on that. You can look up Phyllis Schlafly. You can look up anyone. And by the way, mother, many of my students said you were the most influential American between 1945 and 1980.

Well, I hope I've led a lot of people to know what's wrong with the feminist movement. And one of the - you were talking about your homeschoolers being happy - one of the main things that mattered with the feminist movement is the attitude they teach women - the attitude that they are discriminated against and oppressed. And it's just so unfortunate when you wake up in the morning with a chip on your shoulder and you think that you can't accomplish anything. I guess you're teaching your students that they can conquer the world after they get out of your classes, right?

Absolutely. And I've taught them how successful and productive many homeschoolers have been in American history; most people don't realize Thomas Edison was homeschooled, Abraham Lincoln was homeschooled, Douglas MacArthur...

Andy Schlafly, visiting with us today here on Eagle Forum Live. Andy, you need to beef up that entry on Phyllis Schlafly. I saw it the other day, it's very thin! We need more content on there! And a lot of people can join in and add some content. If you'd like to call and talk right now, talk with Phyllis and Andy, the telephone number is 1-800-736-3202, 800-736-3202.