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Andy and Phyllis finish up their little chat.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Announcer in italics.

Coast to coast you're listening to Eagle Forum Live with well-known conservative commentator Phyllis Schlalfly. If you'd like to join in the conversation the telephone number is 1-800-736-3202. Now once again here's Phyllis.

And our guest today is Andy Schlafly, who is an attorney and an engineer. But we're not talking about those subjects today. We're talking about his great hobby, which is teaching homeschoolers. And he has started this "thing" on the internet, I don't know what to call it: And we've got some calls lining up for you Andy, but first of all tell us how does information get on Conservapedia? Is it one of these things that anybody can post?

Yes, anyone can go to it. You can go it right now if you like. Simply establish a user ID and a password. Nothing else is required, there's no charge, there's no name and address information. You can go right in and you can start editing. And the edits then pop up and we can all view them on the screen. And this an activity for adults too. It's a great learning tool for students but it's fantastic for adults. I get a new insight from Conservapedia nearly every day and it's a way to engage in mental exercise. We're all told how important physical exercise is, well mental exercise is important too. And all the adults out there should go there and learn. Learn the things that you didn't learn in school. Learn what was wrong about what you learned in school. And get, gather the new insights that will help you combat the anxieties and depression that you may face.

And what are some examples of subject areas where Conservapedia would be really different from Wikipedia?

Well anything relating to politics, or Christianity, or history, or economics - really, it's amazing how bias creeps into almost any area. The Bible, and so on...

You mean of Wikipedia?

Of Wikipedia - and any other resource. Any printed material. Any textbook. Bias is just all around us, and Conservapedia is a way to eliminate that bias and tell the truth about what's going on out there today and in the past.

Hey Andy, as we go along if you can spell Conservapedia a few times before it's all said and done here...

Oh Bruce, our listeners are very smart. It's just a combination of "conservative" and "encyclopedia".