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I came here because I (as a conservative) felt that Wikipedia was slightly biased in favor of Obama. I was hoping that here, I would find a project that tried to be honest, avoiding bias and instead trying to be factual. After all, it was founded because Andy Schlafly was tired of Wikipedia's bias (or so I read).

However, this place apparently tries to counter perceived left-wing bias by completely over-the-top right-wing bias. It attempts to smear everything that Andy and his helpers see as "liberal" while blindly praising everything they regard as conservative.

At the same time, anybody who doesn't 100% agree with them will be bullied, reverted and subjected to completely arbitrary interpretations of fuzzy rules ("13 out of your last 15 edits have been talk, talk, talk"). Oddly enough, these warnings always come when people make good points.

And if there aren't warnings, there are personal remarks, including calling me a liberal. Apparently, you're only a conservative if you think that Conservative's "articles" are totally okay. If you think they barely qualify as an essay, much less as a real article, you're a liberal.

So with the 90/10 warnings, the censorship, the incoherent ranting and vilification of anything classified as "liberal" (including evolution, of course - because all real conservatives are Young Earth Creationists, I guess) and the personal remarks, I don't see much that is keeping me here.

I would like to thank the people here, though. You made me realize that Wikipedia isn't so bad, after all. It's not perfect, but this site proves that it could be a lot worse.

I didn't break any commandment, but I guess that this page will be deleted soon enough and that I will be banned for... well... I'm sure somebody will think of something.