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NOTE: This parthion shot was originally left on Andy Schlafly's talk page by CP:User:DrCB on April 28th, 2008. However, it was memory holed during one of the many "cleanings" of the page by one Aschlafly. Luckily, Rationalwiki has discovered some previously lost screencaptures and can now recreate the entire message for your viewing pleasure. All links have been updated to reflect their original location and no grammar or spellings issues have been corrected or changed.


Sir, I must protest my treatment on this site. In my time here, I have been constantly mocked about my qualifications as a doctor (or as I'm constantly referred to, a "doctor" and recently, I was blocked, with the complaint that I was claiming some air of authority by referring to myself as a doctor and violating the 90/10 rule. As I did when Ed Poor blocked me, I will happily lay out ever edit I've made to list site:

That makes 49 talk posts out of 69 total.... Assuming your knowledge of mathematics is as shoddy as your knowledge of copyright laws, federal laws regarding internet vandalism and basic medical principles, that makes 71% talk, had I been in violation of 90/10 I would have 90.1% talk.

In conclusion, Andy Schlafly, I have never presumed an air of authority because I have none. I am simply a doctor in a small Denver hospital. In fact, I went out of my way to avoide the Pseudo medical nonsense plastered all over this site (gay plague indeed, control your flunkies would you?). However, I will be the bigger man and wish you all the luck in the world on this adventure. I would like to inform you, however, that if you think anyone actually consults this site as a serious reference, you are guily of Conservative Delusion, and I'm sure your Conservative style will be to simply revert this edit unanswered and block this account for trolling/vandalism. However, you have nothing more to fear from me "Mr" Schlafly, as I have much better uses of my time than vadalizing a website that manages to vandalize itself. Have a good day, and I hope that someday, the Wizard gives you the courage needed to act like a true man. GOOD DAY SIR!!!!!!!! Doctor CBThe Doctor is in 18:45, 28 April 2008 (EDT)

PS, Should you ever choose to come to Denver, I would love to meet you in an open debate. You may have forgotten what that is. It does not mean grandly proclaiming the even three days after with anonymous messages. It means meeting another as a man and dealing with him that way.


Surprisingly, DrCB was not blocked immediately despite the harsh attacks on the Assfly. Instead, he received a personal message from the great one himself (note: Links in original):

Liberals are so long winded! "DrCB", you managed to exhibit multiple examples of CP: Liberal Style at the same time, including inappropriate claims of authority and talking much while saying little. FYI, the 90/10 rule places priority on the most recent edits, as one would expect. Aschlafly 23:40, 28 April 2008

The Doctor replied once more before his blocking:

I had told myself that I was done, and refused to comment anymore on this matter... but I thought I'd return once more to point out for the world to see that the "great" "lawyer" and "Champion of 'Conservative'" fail to address any of my points. Instead, he spoke with mocking terms (liberal style OOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO) about how liberals are long winded and claimed (again) I show signs of authority. You also managed to compeltely change the rules after the game had started. Please show anyone (not me, for I really don't care) where the 90/10 rule only applies to "recent" edits I pray that you never become a referee sir, it would be an impossible game to follow. Also note that he's really showing an overreliance on Mockery to deal with me, perhaps because his intelectual failings are so plainly exposed for the world to see (which has nothing to do with me, this whole site is the revealing force) Doctor CBThe Doctor is OUT!!