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MarkWilliams, not sure who he was a sock of, placed the following on Andy's talk page and Main page talk 28th Dec '08:

Great Job Conservapedia[edit]

After multiple attempts to contribute positivity only to be banned for absurd lengths of times I am finally going to say I am done with this website. This site has done more to alienate everyone other then the most extreme wings of the republican party that even smart successful conservatives have denounced you.

No matter how much evidence pointing to the opposite of what you claim you still refuse to even attempt to refute the argument and just ban the person presenting it and claim the evidence as deceit and liberal lies and bias. You also choose to wage war on everyone other then Christians even though within the GOP there are many atheist and Muslims. You make pages asking why do people not believe in God or aren't conservatives only to blame everyone else other then yourselves who are pushing people farther away from the things you stand for. You claim well documented parts of American History such as the Indian Genocide as liberal lies while claiming that Christians have done no acts of bigotry in history.

Finally Andrew despite the fact that you came from a rich family your greatest accomplishment is creating a retarded website that is the joke of the internet and teaching home schooled students. At least your relic of the 70's mother did something meaningful with her life even though it was only helping destroying a bill that would have helped women like her. Your existence just goes to prove everything the atheist think about Christians and it actually scares me that you are allowed to teach students your narrow interruption of the world and history.

So I'm done. I know that within seconds of posting this I will be banned for either "moronic vandalism" or "liberal lies". That is fine ban me and just prove that rather then face facts and reality you rather just silence the truth. Good bye.