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MeganH's star burnt briefly on CP, between June and August, 2011, before she finally threw down her parthian on August 19th, closing off with a cryptic "I hope you all enjoy seeing what I do tonight"... which turned out to be some pretty lame wandalism.

Dear Conservapedians,

This website is doomed to fail. I have shown this website to dozens of conservatives. Every single one of them is convinced that this "encyclopedia" is an elaborate hoax.


Your lack of leadership is destroying this website. The fact that you condone the creation of articles such as atheism and obesity is beyond me.


Please seek help as soon as possible. I have difficulty imagining that a sane person would create pages like Essay:The transitional animal the flying kitty?.


You are a complete fool. This website is not your fiefdom. You do not have the right to block users for "improperly" reporting parodists.


Stop being such a bully.

Ed Poor:

Your obsession with tweenish chick flicks has me genuinely worried for your mental health.


I appreciate your efforts in trying to fix this website, but you should have known from the beginning that it was pointless.

Iduan: You deserve better than this website. Please move on.

I hope you all enjoy seeing what I do tonight.

Goodbye all.

[[User:MeganH|MeganH]] 07:12, 19 August 2011 (EDT)