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Wigocp.svg This Conservapedia-related article is of largely historical interest and is no longer the focus of RationalWiki today.
Conservapedia (and religious fundamentalism to an extent) was a major focal point in the early history of RationalWiki, but long ago ceased coming up with new ways to appall and amuse.
Our energies are now spent debunking other, fresher examples of pseudoscientific claims, authoritarianism, and deceit.
For RationalWiki's less ancient content, try the Best of RationalWiki.
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October 2014[edit]


In a desperate attempt to justify his beliefs, Karajou turns toimg parody sites.


Jpatt gives us a scary insight into his thought processes... and the fact he doesn't get the concept of "consent": "Allowing gay marriage, means 60-year-olds can marry 10-year-olds."img


Andy: Atheists can't explain the Blood Moon!img
User: Oh really?img
Andy: Well, they can't explain why it's beautiful!img


Conservapedia Proven Wrong in...img