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Keep up to date with what is going on at the extremist blog Conservapedia with our rolling reports of the bizarre happenings there. We report; you decide which entries make it to the Best of Conservapedia! If you are contributing for the first time please read the instruction manual. For the older entries, see the archives.

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What is going on?

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November 2017[edit]

7The guy who homeschools (ed?) children in a church basement, goes on the record, defending accused pedophile Roy Moore. (27:45 onward in the video).
3Andrew Schlafly, J.D.: Sexual assault of a minor is a "mere misdemeanor."img
-3Andy actually seems to thinkimg his "Unplug the NFL" campaign is having an effect on their ratings ...

October 2017[edit]

-24Conservapedia newsimg links to a page that apparently thinks the rewards for conversion to Christianity are Salvation, a svelt body and a submissive Chistian woman
-19A Conservapedia admin, upon receiving ex-Navy Seal copypastaimg, appears to see it as a genuine threatimg.
-23Apparently, Google returning a link to something means it's officially recognisedimg as a mental disorder. What an amazingimg insight.
Update 1: Within hours of this edit on the What is going on at CP? talk page, there was this edit.img No irony here.
Update 2:
Not a symptom of RationalWiki obsessive compulsive disorder.
-20Ken, howling into the void, uses the Las Vegas shooting as an excuse to slam atheism.img
Update: Wiping the years of dust off the Red Telephone, Ken delivers his message: Checkmate atheists!img — a checkmate so overwhelmingly victorious that the page gets deleted within hoursimg of this WIGO update, in an act befitting an editor with a high level of machismo! Olé, olé, olé!

September 2017[edit]

-24When it comes to Jared Kushner, there is a rare case of 1990sguy following the truth over Breitbart.img img
-25So little respect for the rule of law. In a one-two punch, 1990sguy sanitizes the Joe Arpaio biography and has Karajou lock it.img But JDano resubmits it as an essay.img