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I have to question the notion that Islam is uniquely violent and hateful compared to any other culture. That just strikes to me as supreme Islamophobia. Anything can be used to justify violence. I'll use an analogy: British soccer matches can be used to justify violence, and we don't see people railing against soccer as a "uniquely violent sport" because of the actions of its fans, right? The same can be said for Islam. There are over a billion Muslims in the world today, and only a comparative handful of British football fans, only a handful of which are football hooligans. One would have an objection to painting all British football fans as raging barbarians, so why doesn't one have an objection to doing the same for Muslims as well? Oxyaena Harass 08:10, 14 July 2021 (UTC)

I am not the best at writing in here however I will be trying, I argue that it is a uniquely violent religion and take my use of the word is meaning right now in the present tense Christianity for all its violent past has devolved with the exception of america and some eastern european states to a religion that influences politics directly very little. To give an example in comparison to soccer fans I doubt I would be getting a death warrant from the head foreign nation if I made fun of an extremely beloved soccer player. In comparison considering france's controversy with charlie hebdo, the controversy with the satanic verses which ended up with the author and all affiliated people getting a death warrant from the leader of Iran, and others I argue that Islam is uniquely violent, and this is not just the cause of what is seen as US imperialism by the muslims. If it were we wouldve been seeing 9/11 being pulled off by other non-muslim nations maybe chinese terrorists going into europe, or filipinos doing some crazy shit to the statue of Liberty or so and so. Another thing I will add to my case is the prophet Mohammad in comparison to 2 other "prophets" specifically Jesus and Buddha while I concede the bible isn't the most peaceful text in the world, Jesus is in general known to be a non-violent man, while the Buddha was a pacifist, compare them with Mohammad who everyone in the muslim world knows conquered Arabia, not exactly a good case for saying Islam is not violent. Right from the start it spread by the sword. In contrary Christianity spread by the sword quite a lot later on I believe the northern crusades and such were the first instances although it might be earlier I have no in depth knowledge of such matters. Anyways good days to you sir/madam. Oh and since I am new I have no idea how to do anything after this so I will just leave my username and date I wrote this. Username:Samuelzhzhhz. Date:27th of July 2021(Western Indonesian Time) oh and it is 3:26 pm here — Unsigned, by: Samuelzhzhhz / talk / contribs