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62Andrew Schlafly emails Richard Lenski.
34Andrew Schlafly sends a letter to PNAS.
23Ken decides the front page would look better with a picture of Hitler.
12Ken decides that the Richard Dawkins article would look better with a picture of Hitler.
-9Fox get drunk and trolls WIGO Conservapedia talk.
7Andrew Schlafly decides that the world would be better with more chivalry.
41Andrew Schlafly decides that boys and girls should not be given the same test.
33Andrew Schlafly spends Christmas morning rewriting the bible.
31Andrew Schlafly decides that Obama is a secret Muslim.
18Ed Poor decides mathematics is too hard.
5Ed Poor tries to get his sysop privileges back at Wikipedia.
17Andrew Schlafly denounces the Adulteress story as heresy.
4The Return of TK.
-2Pinochet begins the year a dictator, ends the year a hero.
1Andrew Schlafly discovers the link between breast cancer and being a Hollywood star.
1Andy aggressively pushes the term "Affirmative Action President", thinking he made it up first.
5Ken announces several new, grandly named "Operations" that will bring atheism and/or evolution to its knees, but nothing ever happens
2Ken challenges Austin Cline and PZ Myers to rebut his atheism article; it backfires and he deletes everything to hide it.

RationalWiki WIGOCP's Person of the Year[edit]

5Andrew Schlafly
1Ed Poor
19The Parodists (Mexmax, JJacobs, Bugler, RodWeathers, Jpatt etc...)
4Me! Eh, probably not. Like, really not.
4JessicaT - even if it is a bit like watching a puppy getting kicked.

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