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Fun:Edit war

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An edit war is when two wiki contributors repeatedly revert one another's edits to an article. Edit wars are more common in articles in which the facts are in dispute (or unpleasant to some), thus resulting in the wiki equivalent of handbags at ten paces.[note 1] The reverting is often accompanied by childish robust debate in the users' talk pages, in which case the fun has escalated to a flame war. Microwave some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the drama!

Most wikis, and some blogs, specifically forbid edit wars. Wikipedia tends to issue warnings, or blocks in extreme cases, while RationalWiki solves these problems through the gentlemanly art of dueling, followed by a snifter of port in the RW Saloon Bar. Conservapedia's article on edit wars describes edit wars as being contrary to the Conservapedia:Commandments, however it is oddly missing from these stone tablets handed down to Andrew Schlafly. One can expect a pretty fast ban for edit warring on Conservapedia, but the same result will come from doing anything intelligent.

On RW, it is sometimes an increasingly defined struggle between good and evil.

In extreme cases, edit warring can lead to the dreaded block.[note 2]


  1. Handbags at ten paces, ladies
  2. Except on this wiki, where no one ever really gets blocked for it because we're nicer that way.[citation NOT needed]