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Essay:Duce's political and policy views

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A list of policy ideas and political views supported by DuceMoosolini. Based on TheUmbilicalCordGuy's userpage (with some ideas taken verbatim). Subject to change.


  • End the ethanol fuel mandate.
  • GMOs are good.
  • Support local farms over factory mega-farms.
  • Bust agribusiness giants.

Civil liberties[edit]


  • End the global gag rule.
  • Ban abortion after the third trimester unless critically necessary; it's not like third trimester abortions even really happen anyways.
  • Increase funding to Planned Parenthood.
  • Allow private health plans to cover abortion and contraceptives nationwide.
  • End the Hyde Amendment.
  • "Personhood" measures are ridiculous.


  • End unwarranted domestic surveillance.
  • Abolish the NSA.
  • Gut the bloated and ineffective TSA; implement modified Israel-style security plans instead.
  • Do not require tech companies to create "backdoors" into their products.
  • Do not allow cops to search phones or computers without a warrant.
  • Do not allow cops to use thermal imaging without a warrant.
  • Pardon Snowden and other idealistic whistleblowers.


  • Legalize prostitution.
  • Allow voluntary euthanasia for the terminally ill.
  • Allow state contractors to boycott whomever they like.
  • Remove military equipment from police departments.

Criminal justice[edit]

Capital punishment[edit]

  • Abolish.
  • Place heinous and dangerous offenders in harsh supermax facilities like the ADX Florence.


  • Remove qualified immunity for police officers.
  • Establish civilian review boards for all police departments.
  • Ban stop-and-frisk.
  • Ban racial profiling.
  • Ban no-knock raids.
  • Use special prosecutors in police misconduct investigations.
  • Mandate increased de-escalation training for all police departments.
  • Create a national database of officers responsible for misconduct and ban other departments from hiring them.


  • End cash bail.
  • End mandatory minimums and drastically reduce sentences for most non violent offenses.
  • End non-unanimous jury convictions nationwide.
  • End private prisons; transfer all prisoners to federal facilities once new ones are built to accommodate them.
  • Build more prisons to end overcrowding. Refurbish existing prisons to ensure humane living standards.
  • Ban the practice of making prisoners pay for amenities.
  • Respect religious rights of prisoners: allow access to religious texts and clergy.

Drug policy[edit]

  • Decriminalize marijuana for personal use on the federal level.
  • Pardon people for nonviolent drug offenses.
  • Provide mandatory counseling and addiction services instead of sending people to prison.

Enemy combatants[edit]

  • Never ever summarily execute captured enemy combatants.
  • Ban the use of torture against any captured enemy.
  • Do not send captured enemies to other countries to circumvent torture bans.
  • Mandate that all enemy combatants be treated humanely, regardless of whether they are lawful or unlawful.


  • End civil asset forfeiture.
  • Decriminalize homelessness.


  • Fund universal preschool.


  • Stop relying on property taxes to fund public schools.
  • Provide tutors for under-performing students.
  • Provide free breakfast and lunch for students at all income levels and cancel student lunch debt. End "lunch shaming".
  • Move to a 9-to-5 school day to match parents' schedules.
  • Pay teachers properly, like at least $50k a year.
  • Expand teacher residency programs to give new educators experience teaching under a mentor.
  • Every school should have a counselor, nurse, and social worker.
  • Provide personal computers for students to use during the school year.
  • End standardized testing.
  • Increase sex education.
  • Stop subsidizing private schools.
  • Make sure that evolution, vaccines, and climate science are taught in all schools.
  • Decriminalize truancy.
  • These courses should be required by the end of high school:
    • Personal economics.
    • Macroeconomics.
    • Civics and government.
    • Comparative government.
    • Computers/typing.
    • International issues and relations.

Higher education[edit]

  • Tuition-free public colleges and trade schools.
  • Cancel student loan debt for people going to public colleges.
  • Increase college mentorship programs.


  • Institute a carbon tax on businesses.
  • Require coal plants to transition to natural gas.
  • Fund carbon sequestration.
  • Fund ocean trash clean-up efforts.
  • Fund the creation of wave-energy-conversion power plants.
  • Fund the EPA.
  • Always publish climate science data.
  • Build more nuclear power plants.
  • Fund the creation of wind farms throughout the Midwest.


  • Institute automatic voter registration nationwide.
  • Election Day should be a federal holiday.
  • Have congressional district lines drawn by a nonpartisan entity.
  • Abolish the Electoral College; elect presidents with a ranked-choice system.
  • Improve elections cybersecurity.
  • Offer mail ballots to all voters.
  • Offer early in-person voting to all voters in the week prior to Election Day.
  • Invalidate state laws that discourage or prevent recounts. Every voter has the right to have their vote counted.
  • People who've been a naturalized citizen for, say, 20 years should be eligible for the presidency.
  • Citizens naturalized at birth should be unequivocally announced as eligible for the presidency.
  • Limit Senators to two terms and Representatives to six terms.

Foreign relations[edit]

  • Focus on soft power. Countries are more likely to listen to their friends and trading partners. No war or threats needed.
  • Increase staffing for the State Department and create diplomatic training programs and scholarships for university students.
  • End support for the Saudi War in Yemen.
  • In fact, ban the sale of weapons to the Saudis and other egregious human rights abusers.
  • Close foreign US military bases except for the ones in East Asia and Eastern Europe. Basically, if the base is not protecting a vulnerable ally, then it should go.
  • Negotiate a nice trade deal with the British.
  • Normalize relations with Cuba, with the exception of arms sales.
  • Increase energy exports to Europe, help European countries get fracking industries jump-started.
  • Strengthen US-Indian relations, especially when it comes to economics and countering China.
  • Strengthen economic and strategic ties with Vietnam.
  • Strengthen strategic ties with Jordan.
  • Strengthen economic and strategic ties with Brazil.
  • Invest in economic ties with Sri Lanka.
  • Strike a peace agreement with the Taliban based on the Colombia-FARC accord, then leave Afghanistan.
  • Invest heavily in Mexico's and Central America's economies and infrastructure to help them modernize and reduce poverty.
  • Negotiate a new Iran Deal.
  • Join the International Criminal Court.
  • Provide foreign aid to Central America, particularly in the areas of energy and infrastructure.
  • Announce America's consent for limited Japanese rearmament against China.
  • Continue opposition to Maduro's criminal government in Venezuela.
  • Sanction Burma for its unacceptable persecution of the Rohingya and military coup.
  • Federally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide as historical fact.
  • Let US citizens practice BDS against Israel, as is their right.

Foreign affairs[edit]

  • Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan deserve to remain independent.
  • Kosovo should be independent.
  • With the things the way they are, it might be for the best if Scotland leaves the UK and Ireland reunifies.
  • Focus on building trust and ending violence between Israel and Palestine. Eventual two-state or perhaps Bosnia-style one state solution in the far future.
  • Gibraltar and the Falklands should stay British.
  • The Kurdish people deserve their own nation-state.
  • Grant Kashmir pseudo-independence as a UN-mandated buffer state between India and Pakistan.
  • Indonesia should probably dissolve.
  • Outer Manchuria is rightful Chinese clay and Russia should give it back.
  • Poland and Hungary are going to shit.
  • Turkey is going to shit.
  • Chile replacing its constitution is a great thing and I hope it goes well for them.


  • Offer statehood and representation to DC, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico.
  • Increase Supreme Court to 13 seats in accordance with the number of federal appeals circuits.
  • Grant all Indigenous Nations a delegate seat in the House of Representatives. At least Cherokee, Chippewa, Choctaw, Kiowa, Navajo, Sioux, and Apache should have voting members.
  • Automatically remove legislators who fail to attend more than 50% of votes in a year.
  • Implement open government, in which all government documents and proceedings are accessible to the public.
  • Ban monetary lobbying
  • Bring back the 60-vote rule for Supreme Court Justice confirmations.
  • Remove references to God from currency, federal buildings, and the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Abolish the National Day of Prayer.


  • To be clear, I am pro-2A but I do believe there are common-sense policies which can help keep people safe while not infringing on constitutional rights.
  • Mandate that all gun owners be required to have a federal license which includes technical competency and mental health standards.
  • Mandate universal background checks for gun purchases.
  • Mandate required waiting periods for gun purchases of at least one week.
  • Pass gun-violence restraining order statutes nationwide.
  • Prosecute people whose guns are used in mass killings if it's found they did not secure them.
  • Ban high-capacity clips for civilians.
  • Mandate that all gun sales be registered with the government.
  • Mandate that gun owners purchase liability insurance.
  • Implement an optional federal buyback program for firearms. Prices should be attractive.
  • Encourage responsible gun ownership for minority groups like blacks, Latinos, and Muslims.


Health issues[edit]

  • Mandate vaccinations, only allow medical exceptions. Vaccines are a public health issue.
  • Crack down on the alternative medicine industry.

Healthcare industry[edit]

  • Enact Medicare for All.
  • Medicaid is good for the economy; expand eligibility.
  • Crack down on copyright abuse by pharma corporations.
  • Ban prescription drug advertising.
  • Mandate that drug companies use a cost-based pricing system instead of manipulating customers.
  • Allow the government to negotiate drug prices.
  • The government should control pricing for crucial rare drugs.
  • Ensure adequate funding of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Expand medical school loan-forgiveness programs.
  • Lower barriers to immigration for foreign-trained physicians and allow them to practice.
  • Legalize and support telehealth and remote patient monitoring.


  • Abolish ICE.
  • End family separation policies.
  • Support private sponsorship of refugees.
  • Incentivize foreign doctors and healthcare professionals to settle in the rural US.
  • Establish a pathway to citizenship plan for non-criminal illegals.
  • Remove limits on the number or "quality" of immigrants; only bar criminals from entry.
  • In general, make it easier to legally become a US citizen.



  • Fix the highways.
  • Fix the inland waterways, dams, and canals.
  • Increase incentives for cities to create public transportation systems.
  • Build a high-speed rail system to connect the major US cities.


  • Fix the electrical infrastructure.
  • Build fiber-optic internet cables to provide fiber internet access nationwide.
  • Restore net neutrality.
  • Create a public internet service provider.


  • Build low-income housing.
  • Provide incentives on the state and federal levels for communities which allow more residential constructions.


  • Raise the enlistment age to 25.
  • Drastically cut military spending by reducing ground forces and relying on air and naval forces as deterrents.
  • Cut the budget even more in order to force the military to reform its own bloated bureaucracy.
  • Arrest all American war criminals and send them to be tried before the International Criminal Court.
  • Allow soldiers abroad who misbehave to be tried by said foreign government.
  • Never, ever, order the military to conduct an operation unless it has devised a clear and realistic strategy on how to both win and withdraw.
  • Increase funding for the VA Department.
  • Increase funding for the Army Corps of Engineers and let them get about repairing this nation's crumbling infrastructure.
  • Ban military leaders from lobbying positions for at least 10 years after they retire.
  • Force defense contractors to be transparent about what they're lobbying for and why.

Social issues[edit]


  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the federal and state level.
  • Black Lives Matter is good.
  • Remove Confederate statues, replace with respectable Southerners like Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and Jimmy Carter. Heritage, not hate, right?


  • Allow LGBT+ adoption.
  • Ban conversion therapy.
  • Provide an "other" option for gender on government documents.
  • Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, but do not exempt "small businesses".
  • Disallow gay panic and trans panic legal defenses for any crimes.
  • End the ban on trans people serving in the military.
  • No trans bathroom bans.
  • Add gender identity and sexual orientation to all non-discrimination legislation.
  • None of that "parody marriage" bullshit.


  • Create a free public online tax filing and preparation system with maximum returns and an option for automatic tax filing.
  • Establish a wealth tax like the one proposed by Senator Warren.
  • Hike the estate tax on millionaires and billionaires.
  • Increase capital gains and corporate taxes.


  • Pro-free trade in most cases.
  • Ban weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.
  • Lift the trade and travel embargo on Cuba.


  • Keep Social Security alive, although I'm open to increasing the retirement age.
  • Expand food stamp eligibility.