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Chef Moosolini's Ristorante Italiano Lunch/Dinner Menu
Welcome to Chef Moosolini's! Our current special is fettucini fascism-o with a side of bread sticks and a house salad. Enjoy!
Please note that Chef Moosolini's is still enforcing social distancing rules to protect our staff and our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Latin for beginners (1911) (14790080263).jpg AVE CAESAR
For outstanding work on the History articles Thirty Years War, Scramble for Africa, Iran-Iraq War, and many others, the user
Duce Moosolini
is awarded a triumph!
"The greatest head chef who ever conquered Albania. Five stars." —Michelin Restaurant Guide
Chef Moosolini's Userbox Wine Menu
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A Brief Note from the Head Chef

Hi, I'm DuceMoosolini, the head chef himself. We here at Chef Moosolini's would like to offer our warmest welcomes and thanks to all who visit this fine eating establishment. I founded this wonderful restaurant on October 2017, and I never imagined that we ever could have served so many delicious and stimulating Italian dishes.

Some of you may wonder what this establishment's relationship is with the doctrine of fascism. We would like to emphatically say that no one at this restaurant supports authoritarian ideologies, and none of our dishes are prepared using slave labor. The name comes from the head chef's old high school history teacher's stuffed cow that he tossed around for classroom discussions. He likes bad puns, and we do too.

About me? I'm 20 years old, a Kansan, a straight gent, and of Chinese lineage through my mother's side. I have wide interests, but my main interest is history, especially World War era, US history, recent history, Cold War era, and Early Modern Europe. Generally speaking, most of the articles I'll create and edit will be in that area of the site. I also really like alternate history, and I sometimes make maps for different scenarios when I'm bored. On top of that, I also like to add images and bad jokes to articles I think need them. Generally speaking, I don't add that kind of little stuff to my contributions list.

That's-a big-a pizza!

I also wield the mystical powers of the sysop. And what power! 'Tis the power of life and death! Nay, 'tis the power of creation itself! (I'm kidding of course. I can't do shit.)

Politically, I'm probably somewhere in the neighborhood of centre-left, by American standards. I joined the Republican Party right out of high school, right in time to become horribly disgusted and disillusioned with it after the rise of Donald Trump. After that, I gradually shifted leftwards and voted a straight Democratic ticket in 2018 and 2020 (for as much as that matters in Kansas). I try to keep an open mind with people, but I do have principles. I'm perfectly happy to be friendly with people I have political disagreements with unless you're a racist or a fascist. In that case, fuck you.

Still frame from Chef Moosolini's Hardcore Kitchen. (2002, FOX.)

My total number of edits

Please, make yourself welcome in my restaurant. Everyone who visits Chef Moosolini's should feel like they've come home.

Your order, sir or madame?

Please refer questions, comments, demands, or complaints concerning the head chef to the host staff. They will attend to you as soon as possible.

If anyone needs to contact me more personally for some weird reason, here is my Twitter account. Anyone can reach me there.

Also, my email is linked with this RW account if you really, really need it.


Appetizers, Soups, and Lunch Items

[Articles to which the head chef has made major contributions.]

Dinner Items

[Articles the head chef has created.]


[Note: all drafts are free to edit.]

Specialty Cocktails and Drink Menu

[Essays/fun pages by the head chef.]