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Operation Darkwing is the name of the covert operation to improve Conservapedia through new ideas and articles, but for the purpose of lulz rather than making CP better for others. Due to a conceited effort on behalf of the few remaining sysops that are active on Conservapedia making it harder for fun reading to happen other than talk, talk, talk, TK's banhammer, Ed Poor's stubbiness and Andy's celestial ego, Operation Darkwing should commence immediately.

Part One: Infiltration[edit]

Infiltration will consist of new accounts being created, and old socks called to duty, to begin the operation. All accounts should adhere to the naming convention CP requires of some of its new accounts (first name, last initial). Make a simple talk page, if making one at all, to include your most conservative traits, but don't overdo it. Subtlety wins out.

Once you have infiltrated, be careful. Do a few edits to existing but non-controversial pages. Create new articles based on current events that are non-controversial. Establish a clean account that few would doubt its sincerity.

Part Two: Misinformation[edit]

Misinformation will commence at the point where the account holder feels secure enough that he or she has not been spotted. A new article of major importance should be created, using actual references and solid information, with just subtle misinformation included. Change a quote slightly to completely derail the context. Leave out non-CP-liking information. Make a moderate nobody into a conservative somebody. Make an unknown blogger into a genius. The sky's the limit, but remember to edit appropriately on other pages and not to engage in too much talk, talk, talk in the process.

Part Three: Reciprocity[edit]

Reciprocity will commence soon after Misinformation has finished. This shall be in two parts. Infiltration accounts should add appropriately misinformed information to misinformation articles to make the page better. The more the page is sourced, since few check the references on CP, the better it will appear to the masses. Once Misinformation pages are touched up, controversial topics should have solid information included. Make these as factual as possible as per the facts that CP observes. Make sure your account's editing is seen as valid and adding to the project, and your Reciprocity edits should go unnoticed.

Part Four: Engagement[edit]

Engagement will commence once Reciprocity's conditions have been met. In this, the account should have direct contact with a sysop on one of his project pages, asking to help edit the page with new information. Make the engagement last a few messages with at least two different topics on the same article. Try to win your inclusion into the page.

Part Five: Parthian[edit]

Parthian commences soon after the conclusion of Engagement occurs. Find a discussion currently underway between a notable sysop and another user, and inject your opinion on the side of the sysop. Then discuss the problem directly on the user's talk page, being rather harsh on how the user has handled himself. Visit the sysop's talk page and demand that something be done about the user, or you'll leave the project whose leadership cannot handle its users. Be firm and direct, and show no mercy. Show off your knowledge by proving that you can see the problems in the leadership if it can't deal with one problem user.

Part Six: Incitement[edit]

Incitement should occur in combination with Parthian with any accounts of Operation Darkwing still functioning. Point out that the edits made by the now banned account should be suspect, and ask that administrators remove these edits. Avoid pages on which your account edited via Reciprocity. Especially point out the edits made with Engagement.

Operational Communications[edit]

All communications about Operation Darkwing should occur only on the secret list for RationalWiki sysops (Select people, Like TK!) and bureaucrats. Do not discuss any projects for Operation Darkwing in public view. No one from RationalWiki will ever ask another user outside this list about Operation Darkwing. Should anyone contact you regarding Operation Darkwing, do not admit that it exists, is currently underway, or that you have any knowledge of any aspect of it.

Good luck, and don't get caught!