Essay:Statistically likely events that have occured to high profile individuals

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A list of politicians' deaths caused by transport related incidents


  • General Sikorski (the wartime Polish leader) - arguments that the crash was deliberate.
  • Dag Hammarskjold - there were conspiracy theories at the time and since, including that the plane was carrying weapons.
  • General Zia - actual cause of the crash uncertain.
  • The Polish 2010 crash involving many senior politicians etc on the way to Katyn: probably caused by 'weather, pilot error and the impatience of those aboard' - but conspiracy theories abound. Possibly Stalin's last victims.
  • During the Spanish Civil War Jose Sanjurjo and General Mola (of fifth columnist fame) died in separate plane crashes under dubious circumstances.
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry disappeared while flying a reconnaissance mission in 1944. His identity bracelet washed up south of Marseille in 1998, and the landing gear from his plane was recovered in 2003.


  • William Huskinson. To quote Wikipedia 'best known today... as the world's first widely reported railway casualty as he was run over by George Stephenson's locomotive engine Rocket.'
  • Stepniak - died on a level crossing.


  • Princess Diana - many conspiracy theories.
  • Jorg Haider - initially there were conspiracy theories, but proved to be a good advert for the 'Don't drink and drive' campaign.

Boats and ships[edit]

  • Kitchiner of Khartoum - best known for 'Your Country Needs You' posters.