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So, because I've seen some deep human fecal matter on the internet, I decided to create a place to compile them all. So, post the people who you think are the most ignorant on the internet here. Even if we are talking about ignorant people, please respect their privacy and don't use their real name,

So, first entry: A guy who replied to me on Youtube about holocaust denial and the fact that Stormfront is a neo-Nazi forum:

Some of the things he said:

Stormfront isn't a "pseudo-neo-Nazi" forum. It is a website for those who are committed to the survival and well being of White/Europeans, that includes, White Nationalists, Pan Europeanists, National Socialists, Christian Identity etc or those without any ideology who are just there to learn. As opposed to the anti White mainstream media. They need to be biased in favour of us because everyone else is biased against us.

When I hear just as many cries for the deaths of White/Europeans in labor camps and death camps all over Russia and eastern Europe. And when the Jewish leaders of the Soviet Union who ordered that genocide are held up to scrutiny by the world, named and shamed for what they are, in the same way the National Socialists have been, then and only then I might have some sympathy for what happened to Jews. (The innocent Jews at least).The fact is many Jews were trying to overtake Germany with Communism in the 1920's and if they'd succeeded they'd have killed more than 6 million Germans. That is why I am glad Hitler came to power when he did. Even though I'm not a National Socialist.I'm White/European, English and German and I love my people, I wouldn't want to see them suffer under Communism or any other oppression no matter what, even if it meant they had to ethnically cleanse Jews to prevent it.

So, what are your most ignorant persons? If you really have nothing to read...If you have really nothing to do... 00:23, 18 January 2015 (UTC)