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Great. Another intro of myself I have to make. Let's just get on with it...

Short version for 'Murica: Evil open minded gaming Canadian pro-socialist. Oh you came here for more? Then let's get started.

Wait who is this guy?
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Ok who are you?[edit]

Like I'm going to tell you my real name, adress and all that... No, I'm just an average guy who goes to school to learn and tries to debunk stuff on Youtube.

Mein Kampf[edit]

Yeah, you're probably all going to rage about this, but Mein Kampf just means my struggle anyways. So, I was born November the 27th of 1999, died November the 27th of 1999, regenerated with my Time Lord abilities, stole a TARDIS, went back in time, killed myself, created a paradox, solved a paradox, met myself in an alternate dimension, accidentally killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand (meh, what could that have caused anyways?), drank some tea, drove into the sun, died again, regenerated, wiped my memory and regenerated into a baby to start a normal life while returning to the 27th November of 1999. Yeah, I have absolutely no clue of what I done.

Where can you find me?[edit]

Mostly shoveling out the crap in various internet shitholes. Damn crap, sticks too much to places without a brain to process it.


Cause why not. Derpy rules.