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The RationalWiki Coin Collectors Society is a group of rationalwikians who really love pocket change. We salute the usage of currency in its less flammable form (although we sure miss the barter system.) This place serves two purposes:

  1. Showing off and bragging (you know you want to)
  2. Seeking help identifying coins


  1. Please scan coins when possible. Usage of links here is greatly discouraged. Users who do so may be seen as phonies.
  2. Users must create their own gallery on this page.
  3. Identify which coins you need identifying with a message such as "Help Me" in the gallery.
  4. Both sides are not needed, but would be appreciated when identifying coins.
  5. If help is not needed, identify the coin in the gallery. You don't have to be nice, this is where you show off.
  6. When identifying a coin, please do so on the images talkpage.
  7. Pithyness is encouraged with your gallery.
  8. Feed the goat and brush your teeth before going to bed.

The contents of Thanatos' pockets (minus lint)[edit]

Aboriginal Noise's pocket change[edit]

Human's Speshul Money Do Not Peep or Tuch[edit]

All scans to scale, gallery suppresses this wonderment of effort.