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I figured if anyone on the web has heard of Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book, they might pass through here. Well there was actually a wiki dedicated to his book, called Steal This Wiki, and had an extensive collection of information on how to live in, off of, survive, and fight the system (60s-70s left-wing yippies, undergetit?). Steal This Wiki, Rational Wiki, and good ol' Wikipedia are probably the most useful sites for me. So a few days ago, I try to get onto Steal this Wiki. And what do I get? Conservapedia. Conservafuckingpedia. So I try the other links to other parts of the site: still Conservapedia. I try other browsers: Conservapedia. I try other computers on different internet connections: Conshitapedia. Now the site was low budget and run entirely on a few lame donations every few months or so, but I'm not understanding why the Cons suddenly have the keys to what was formerly a left-wing anarchist site. If anyone has any information on how or why the universe frowns upon my soul and the souls of other supporters of Steal This Wiki, please enlighten me.

You are right, Steal this wiki redirects to conservapedia. Pretty funny. Any ideas on who has done this? I'm guessing its some 4chan/ED Anonymous bullshit. --DamoHi 06:12, 1 November 2011 (UTC)

except 4chan/Anonymous are generally left on the political spectrum, so I'm doubting they're behind it

Everything looks OK to me just now, is a Wiki about Steal This Book. There are many conceivable reasons why your attempt to visit "Steal This Wiki" lead to Conservapedia. I will speculate about what I think are the most likely...
Google. Did you know Google isn't actually the Internet? When you type some rubbish into a web browser, it doesn't have some incredible AI that determines what you meant, it just searches Google (or, if you're a poor unfortunate, Bing). So if you type "Steal This Wiki" you get whatever Google happens to think best matches that string. Maybe it's Conservapedia; maybe it's a forum post about theft; maybe it's a picture of a man doing something inappropriate to a goat. I notice that Conservapedia is pretty high on Google's list of matches for the phrase "Steal this Wiki". Either way, don't do that.
Prank. The people behind STW seem like the kind that might think it hilarious to redirect everyone. If so, the prank is now over. (talk) 00:21, 3 November 2011 (UTC)