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(Ed. Note: These definitions are not listed in order of priority or commonality of use, but in the order in which they were made up.)

(1) Aestheistics is the fine art of creating aesthetic objects or situations, in such a way that they do not need the participation of any supernatural entities or events in order to enjoy them.

Not to be confused with anaestheistic, which is the exact opposite - using religious beliefs to numb one's being to the point of only being capable of consuming or understanding pabulum.

(2) Aestheistic means creating beautiful objets d'art, but denying that they exist.

(3) Aestheistic refers to a belief system in which adherents believe in a god who cares only about fashion and interior design. Whether male or female (who can tell?), this God prefers to be referred to as "She".

(4) Aestheistics is the field of study which encompasses graven idols.