Fun:Alas! Alas! Fair Conservapedia may end!

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Upon this day which is the 23rd day of December in the Year of Our Most Gracious Lord 2008 it was disclosed to the most knobbed noble editor, Andrew Schlafly that he could in no way maintain the maiden Conservapedia while foul liberals were enabled to enter within her and edit her. Entry and editing into the sacred wiki of Conservapedia was restricted to but a mere chosen few whom it did please the Schlafly to vouchsafe this great favour.

Before times so many did enter into that fair Conservapedia maiden with their editinges. Some did edit her in a manner that did please her master. Others did come but to pillage and vandalize and sought to ruin her purity. Valiantly did the sysops strive to block out those foul vandals and restore Constipedia Conservapedia to her former state but as is well known purity once lost can never be regained. Time and time again did the foul vandals return. At times they did use their own IP addresses. At other times they did indeed use evil proxies so that more and more proxies did need to be banished.

Then betimes upon the 24 the day of December in the Year of Our Most Gracious Lord 2008 the upright editor, Andrew Schlafly did indeed discover that without the editinges of ordinary users the fair maid Conservapedia would not grow and wax great with child with new editinges. So the knobbed noble Andrew Schlafly ordained that ordinary useres might edit her anew. The good editors did indeed return. The vandals returned also. The blockinges were wrought anew but alas those who were blocked accepted chastisement not easily. Indeed many of those blocked users did turn in their anger unto RationalWiki where Conservapedia is ravished again and again.