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Andy's Evening[edit]

The sound of a window slamming echoed throughout the house, the westerly winds were becoming stronger, bringing with them the dust of the Pennsylvanian plains. The weather, however, was the last thing on Andy Schlafly's mind. A long day had finally passed, the stress had gradually worn at Andy, who had been focusing on his success in court. The long day had passed, Andy was able to rest. Sitting back in his chair, he allowed his aching muscles to slacken as he finally allowed himself to relax.

With a gleam in his eye and a spring in his step, Andy's thoughts turned to the recent mention Conservapedia has had in the media, which he confirmed with a quick skim was glowing positive! As he sat at his computer, Googling his own name, Andy felt himself grow tired. The long day had taken its toll, it was finally time to sleep. Grappling in the darkness for his glasses, Andy grumbled as his sleep was cut short. Carefully stepping over TK, so as to not wake the sleeping sentry at the foot of his bed, he left the room. Having reached his study, Andy picked up the phone and muttered his salutation. As Andy was informed of the situation that had unfolded in his absence, his blood began to boil. Without so much as a farewell, Andy slammed the phone down and made haste to his computer. The liberal vandals were at it again, adding facts to Conservapedia's prized articles. " Son of a lamprey!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, startling the neighbors.

His eyes watering from the brightness of the screen, Andy quickly redirected his browser away from Fox News and toward Conservapedia's contaminated article. As the article loaded, Andy was incandescent with rage when he read repeated requests for him to cite the sources of the statistics he'd cleverly developed in support of his claims. After immediately reverting the changes, Andy opened the talk page and prepared to make a strong case against the alterations.

After much thought and careful wording, Andy posted his response to the previous editor of his article:

' "Anonymous User" (recreate your account with your real first name and last initial), perhaps Obama thinks the soldiers drove the humvees to Iraq!!! I looked at many of your edits before reverting them and your use of "BCE" and "CE" denies historical basis, so let me guess: you're not here to substantially contribute to this project. I urge you, I beseech you, I beg you: accept that religion helps resist breast cancer. As I've said before, opposition to chivalry breeds a lack of respect and a disdain for hard work. You need to listen to the classic rock song entitled, "I fought the law, and the law won." You need to listen to it 80 times, in fact. Why don't you object to how Richard Dawkins called for the arrest of the Pope?--Andy Schlafly 06:18, 23 April 2019 (UTC)'

Still not satisfied, Andy decided to ban the user for their insubordination. Cackling to himself, he clicked the Ban button and smiled widely as the log showed:

Aschlafly (Talk|Contribs) blocked AmesG with an expiry time of Infinite (account creation disabled) (Liberal point-pushing)

Conservapedia was safe for another night. Chuckling to himself, Andy knew it was safe to sleep once again. He knew he'd earned it.

The End