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Bad Boys tries with all the energy at its command to redeem an exhausted story with sheer technique.
—Roger Ebert created a slight breach of etiquette by negging Bad Boys

Bad Boys is a 1995 American action comedy film produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer (producers of Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop), directed by Michael Bay and starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

Since its debut, Bad Boys has remained a perennial favorite of teenage girls worldwide, many of whom attend midnight screenings on Valentine's Day and re-enact their favorite scenes at BBCON. A tired stereotype (frequently resurrected by Nice Guys) is that all women love Bad Boys, and reject suitors in order to spend another evening watching the classic film.


loud, shallow, sexist and a complete waste of time.
—Rita Kempley, The Washington Post [1]

Due to its central stature in women's popular culture, Bad Boys remains controversial among feminists. Some have defended it as "high-energy entertainment"[2], while others have reacted skeptically. Notably, second-wave feminists view Bad Boys as markedly inferior to the 1988 picture Die Hard.

Pick-up artists have been roundly criticized for encouraging men to model their very lives on the film.


Director Michael Bay did not like the script and often engaged Smith and Lawrence in discussions about how the dialogue and scenes could improve.
—Wikipedia, attributing the script's brilliance to one of this generation's greatest screenwriters: Michael Bay
  • Bad Boys has been enshrined in the coveted Columbia Pictures Collection of stock photos.[3]
  • The film was deemed "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant" enough to merit this badass spinning 3D text in the French language DVD menu: Michael Bay's 1995 French Interactive DVD Menu Slow Down Is That 3D Text.PNG

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Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
—White Carjacker, Bad Boys[4]

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